Beautiful Spanish horse looking at a Galleon
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We offer authentic, custom, handmade tack, stainless steel bits and equine artwork from some of the best equestrian product makers in the world. Our tack is all custom made to fit your horse. You can choose from over 40 designs, 7 standard colors along with several designer colors, and 3 distinct styles, including Western and American bridles for Quarter Horses, Arabians, Appaloosas and all American Breeds, and beautiful bridles and jaquimas for Spanish horses including Paso Finos, Trote y Galope and Trocha. Just follow our instructions on how to measure your horse, order your bridle, and email us your measurements.

From training, trail, and endurance tack, to some of the finest quality show bridles and beautiful stainless steel bits, we will have what you need.  If we don't have what you want, send us photos and sizes and we can custom make it for you. Our items are made of the finest Colombian leathers and  drop-shipped from South America to the United States.

Our equine artists are all horse and animal lovers We feature beautiful paintings from Jonelle, carbon steel garden art by Lisa, horse hair art and jewelry from Denise, and equestrian embroidery on all kinds of products from Rebecca. If you are an artist and you would like to show your work in our gallery, please feel free to Contact Us.

Our Bolero Adoption Network members help gaited and spotted horses who are in kill pens heading for slaughter and in horse rescues. The groups were named for Summer’s Bolero, a registered Paso Fino that the owner of Spanish Horse Tack personally knew as a 3 year old colt, who ended up in a kill lot in PA and was heading to slaughter for human consumption in Canada! Because of the efforts of Omega Horse Rescue and over 200 Paso Fino lovers, Bolero was saved from a horrifying death, and the Bolero Gaited Horse Adoption Network was born the next day.

The purpose of our Bolero group is to form a network of horse lovers, who are sharing information with their friends and other members of horse-related groups concerning horses who are in rescues, are in danger of being sold for slaughter, or horses who are already in kill lots. We work to educate other animal lovers about why horses can and do enter the slaughter pipeline. We also educate horse owners about how to avoid having their horses end up in the slaughter pipeline by never giving a horses away in Free To Good  Home Ads, and how to always sell a horse above the per lb slaughter house purchase price, which is usually between .70 and $1.00 per pound. Our Bolero members also pool their money and we donate monthly to the equine rescues that we work with. For more information about the amazing work our members are doing to save horses, please click the following link: The Bolero Horse Adoption Network.

We are lovers of all equines, especially Spanish horses. Some Spanish breeds are decedents of the original horses that were brought to the Americas by Conquistadors in the late 1400s and early 1500s. Sadly, many of these breeds are becoming so rare that they qualify to be on the Endangered Species list. Breeds like the Galiceño Horse, Colombian Creole Horses including the Trote y Galope, Trocha, Trocha y Galope, and the Spanish Barb horse are very rare. American Paso Finos, Colombian Paso Finos and Puerto Rican Paso Finos are also uncommon in the United States compared to other breeds.

Our dream for our company is to help bring information concerning the plight of these rare breeds to other horse lovers. These horses are extremely intelligent, loyal and beautiful. Many are gaited making them incredibly smooth horses for pleasure riding, showing, endurance and trail. We are very honored to be working with some of the top breeders of these fine horses, who are volunteering their time to write informative articles and provide photos and videos of the horses.

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Articles from our featured Spanish Horse Breeders:


Stella Manberg-Wise

Owner: Great Blazes Farm Paso Finos

American Paso FInos

Richard M. Blaney

Owner: Galicenos of Suwannee

Galiceño Horses

Rebecca Vail Anderson

Owner: The Diagonal Corner

Colombian Creole Horses

Annette Haines

Owner: Red Fox Paso Finos

Colombian Paso Finos

Lauren Zanko

Owner: Corazon de Sunka Wakan

Spanish Barb Horses