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Angelote de Luna

Paso Fino Stallion, Angelote de Luna and Sire Anfitrion Del Conde

About Paso Fino Breeding Stallion
Angelote De Luna

Dark Bay Stallion, PFHA #00037878

Angelote de Luna is the son of the beautiful buckskin, Anfitrion del Conde (both are shown to the right). Anfitrion won championships not only on a regional basis, but at the Nationals four years in a row, and at the World Cup held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Angelote’s dam, Zambra la Estrella, was sired by Contrafuego, one of the foundation stallions of the United States Paso Fino Breed. His other grandsire is Capuchino, who was named the Paso Fino of the Millennium and was four-time consecutive PFHA Grand National Champion and a Multi-International Champion. Capuchino was the number one Breeding Stallion in the world for many years. Sadly, Anfitrion del Conde, Capuchino and Contrafuego have left this world, but their beauty, incredible stamina and willing personalities were inherited by their offspring, including Angelote de Luna.

Angelote was initially bred to become one of the foundation stallions for the Paso Fino breed in Germany, but his breeder, Ms. Felicitas Funke-Riele, had a skiing accident before her move. She suffered a back injury which prevented her plans to become one of the first German Paso Fino breeders, and she eventually had to sell her horses. Angelote was a yearling when he and his mother were donated to the association to raise money for Paso Fino Youth in 2002, and Tracy Stevens won the colt in the raffle. They have been together ever since.

Angelote grew up in Paso Fino breeding and show facilities, and was professionally trained by Paso Fino Hall of Fame Inductee and PFHA Trainer of the Year, Julio Figueroa. Angelote was heading to the Paso Fino show circuit, but sadly the recession hit hard and Tracy was no longer able to afford the training and showing expenses. He is now standing at stud in at Tuckaway Paso Fino in Landrum, SC.

Angelote has incredibly smooth gaits, an awesome largo, and is training for Endurance. He has passed the fitness exam for the Gaited Endurance Association. He is tall for a Paso Fino, 14 Hands 2″. He is a very versatile horse, is trained to drive, and has also shown amazing abilities as a cutting horse. He has been known to cut a calf from the herd while on a lunge line without a rider!

Angelote de Luna is registered and listed as an Eligible Sire for Breeding by the Paso Fino Horse Association.

$800.00 Stud Fee for PFHA Registered Mares
$500.00 Stud Fee for Endurance and Grade Mares
LFG Live Foal Guarantee
Mare Care: $5.00 a day
Accepting bookings for 2018 foals now.
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