Leather and Nylon Trail Bridle, Style 002

002-all-styles-tan-bridles Black leather and yellow nylon trail bridle. 002-Style-A-tanTan leather red nylon trail bridle. Black leather and blue nylon trail bridle. Tan leather mint green nylon trail bridle. Black leather and red nylon trail bridle. Tan leather yellow nylon trail bridle. Tan leather blue nylon trail bridle.


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  • BRIDLE SIZE BASED ON BREED AND BROWBAND WIDTH (See Sizing Chart and Instructions Below)*

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    Install 2 Additional Rings on Flat Leather Barbada (Curb Strap)
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    Upgrade to Knitted Barbada or Heavy Duty Knitted Training Barbada with Stainless Steel Plate NOTE: Both Barbada Upgrades Include Rings
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spanishwestern11.75widthWhat an incredible bridle to use for all of your trail riding. This beautiful bridle is made from premium leather and four colors of strong nylon, so it is functional and easy to clean. It is available in Spanish, Western or American style, see the graphic to the right, so it is great for any horse breed.

The nose and brow bands are wonderfully decorated with stylish stitching in four stitching styles, Style A, Style B, Style C. and Style D. See the photos for each Style. This is a very well made bridle, each end where the leather is attached to the rope is hand-stitched with durable Beeswaxed Terlenka Cord. This stitching is not only beautiful, but also strong and durable which ensures that it will last you a very long time.


leather colors
Leather, Thread and Trim colors for our tack.

All of our bridles are hand-made and customized to your color and size specifications. We use only the finest leathers and American steel in the construction of all of our products. Because our products are made with natural leathers, there may be slight color variations or imperfections than the items shown. Please click on the sizing chart below and measure your horse before ordering.

Each bridle takes 4 to 5 days to complete. Upon completion, your custom bridle will be drop-shipped to your shipping address directly from the Master Tack Makers in Colombia, South America. Shipping usually takes between 10 to 15 days, so after your order is placed, you will usually receive your bridle within 3 to 4 weeks. All bridles are insured, and tracking numbers will be sent via email when your bridle is shipped out to you.

For matching reins, see our Leather and Rope Reins page or our Rope Clip Reins.

DESCRIPTION: Leather and Nylon Bridle.
SPANISH STYLE INCLUDES: Handmade Jaguima, Bit Hanger and Pisador
Handmade Western Headstall and Curb Strap
Blue, Yellow, Mint Green or Red.
Black, Coffee, Chocolate, Honey, Oak, Natural, Aged or Raw.
Natural, Black or Brown.
Before placing an order, please be sure to follow the instructions on how to measure your horse using the Sizing Chart below. Click the chart for a larger version:bridle-jaquima-size-chart


Additional Information

Weight 4.5 kg
Bridle Style (See our Bridle Styles Graphic Below)

Spanish Bridle, American Bridle, Western Bridle

Bridle Stitching Style A,B,C,D

Style A, Style B, Style C, Style D

Leather Bridle Colors (See Color Chart Below)

Black (Negro) Leather, Coffee (Cafe) Leather, Chocolate (Chocolate) Leather, Honey (Miel) Leather, Oak (Roble) Leather, Natural (Natural) Leather, Aged (Envejecido) Leather, Rawhide (Crudo) Leather

Contrasting Leather Trim

Black Contrasting Leather Trim, Coffee Contrasting Leather Trim, Chocolate Contrasting Leather Trim, Honey Contrasting Leather Trim, Oak Contrasting Leather Trim, Off-White Contrasting Leather Trim, Retovo Cream Color Contrasting Leather Trim

Nylon Bridle Color

Blue Nylon, Yellow Nylon, Mint Green Nylon, Red Nylon

Thread Color for Bridle Leather Stitching

Black Colored Thread, Coffee Colored Thread, Chocolate Colored Thread, Honey Colored Thread, Oak Colored Thread, Natural Colored Thread, White/Off White Colored Thread, Aged Colored Thread, Rawhide Colored Thread, Retovo Cream Colored Thread

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