Our Bolero Horse Adoption Network works with several horse rescues.
We are using the power of our group’s membership numbers to contribute to the rescues we work with. If each member only gave $1.00 a month, that would add up to A LOT for the rescues we support!


Bolero Monthly Horse
Rescue Subscription Donation.

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 Bolero One Time
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This amount will be divided for monthly distribution, so that the rescues we work with will all get a part of it:

Bolero Monthly Horse Rescue Subscription Donation

Bolero Gaited Horse Adoption NetworksBolero Horse Adoption Networks

About The Bolero Horse Adoption Network:

The Bolero Horse Adoption Network is composed of free online Facebook groups, and so far we have two:

Bolero Gaited Horse Adoption Network
Bolero Appaloosa and Spotted Horse Adoption Network

Our members network gaited and spotted horses who are in kill pens heading for slaughter and in horse rescues. The groups were named for Summer’s Bolero, a registered Paso Fino that I personally knew as a 3 year old colt, who ended up in a kill lot in PA and was heading to slaughter for human consumption in Canada! Because of the efforts of Omega Horse Rescue, and over 200 Paso Fino lovers including myself, Bolero was saved from a horrifying death, and the Bolero Gaited Horse Adoption Network was born.

The purpose of our groups is to form a network of horse lovers, who are sharing information with their friends and other members of horse-related groups concerning horses who are in rescues, are in danger of being sold for slaughter, or horses who are already in kill lots

Following is the mission of our network:

1. To support and assist the folks who work tirelessly on the front lines at auctions and kill lots to save horses from horrible deaths by spreading the word of their gallant work, and the gaited horses that they share with us.

2. Spread information about why good, sane, quality horses end up in kill lots, and the horror they face when shipped to slaughter in Mexico. If you do not know about what goes on in Mexico, please search online for Horse Slaughter Mexico. It is the CRUELEST TREATMENT OF ANY ANIMAL THAT I HAVE EVER READ, AND IT IS CERTAINLY NOT HUMANE!

3. SAVE HORSES See our Files Area for articles and documents that can be used to contact current owners who are giving their horses away, or who are selling them below the per lb slaughter rate, approximately 75 cents to $1.00 a pound.


Very Sincerely,

Tracy Stevens

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Our Bolero Horse Adoption Network Namesake:
One lucky, purebred, registered slaughter-bound Paso Fino horse
Who was adopted. a
nd celebrated his 15th birthday with his new family!









9 thoughts on “The Bolero Horse Adoption Network

  1. Mimi Dygert

    Ark-La Kill Pen

    7 hrs ·

    Tag#: 6323 & 6324
    Breed: Gaited
    Gender: Bred Mares
    Color: Black
    Age: Adults
    Price: $1,500.00 PAIR
    Height: 15
    Weight: 1,150lbs.

    These horses are bred & in a kill pen in Ark. I am in NY. Just sending on the info.

    Shipping Date: March 9, 2016
    Location: Fountain Hill, Arkansas 71642
    Contact: Chris Hall 1-662-837-2645

    **We are selling these horses to save their lives and not as performance horses. Please help us find these horses a Forever Home. Please also understand that we deal with a large number of people and horses on a daily basis. We will get back with you as soon as possible.**

    1. Tracy Stevens

      Thanks so much Deb Buscher. Please pass the site along to your horse loving friends!

      Tracy Stevens
      Custom, Handmade Horse Tack for All Breeds

  2. Diann Pierce

    I set up my payment on PayPal but it did not give me information that lead me to believe it would happen monthly. Not sure if it will continue but I will try and remember to check next month. Any suggestions please let me know.

  3. Judith Ann Botts

    Thanks for the app to be able to help:) I ‘ m looking for a gelding dark body and white mane & tail do you have one?? this will be my last horse he & I will ride into the sunset together……….:) Love to all Ann Botts

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